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Dental Fillings

Access Dental in Grande Prairie offers tooth-coloured dental fillings to help repair decayed teeth.

Dental Fillings, Grande Prairie Dentist

One of the most common oral health conditions people experience is tooth decay, also called dental caries or cavities.

If we find evidence of decay—a cavity—during your routine checkup, Dr. Nonkovic may recommend a tooth-coloured filling.

Unlike a silver filling that is made of an amalgam of metals, a tooth-coloured filling is made of dental composite resin. One advantage, of the composite resin is that the material blends more closely to the colour of your natural teeth.

Composite fillings strongly bond to the tooth structure, thereby restoring more of your tooth’s original integrity. As the filling bonds to the natural tooth, less of your healthy tooth will need to be removed by a drill.

Book your dentist appointment with Access Dental and let our dentists take care of your cavities.

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  • We highly recommend limiting consumption of alcohol, soda & coffee to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
    - The Access Dental Team