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Teeth Cleanings & Oral Hygiene

Access Dental offers comprehensive general dentistry services to help maintain your oral health. We believe in prevention first. Your at-home oral health routine in combination with regular visits to your dental hygienist is your best defense against dental health issues. 

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

Having a healthy mouth is very important.

Not only does it feel nice to have a clean mouth, but there are many health benefits as well.

Along with at-home brushing and flossing, we recommend visiting your dentist 2-3 times a year for professional cleanings to help remove plaque buildup below the gums.

Overtime plaque hardens and forms calculus that may need to be removed with specialized dental tools.

That’s where Access Dental can help. We offer preventative hygiene services to keep your smile healthy.

A regular professional cleaning is a proactive approach to oral hygiene that can help prevent cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

The more you see your dental hygienist the less time you will spend in a dentist chair.

During your cleaning treatment, we will examine your mouth for any dental issues.

Our Grande Prairie dentist, Dr. Perica Nonkovic, will ask you to voice any concerns or problems you may be experiencing with your oral health.

Why should I have my teeth professionally cleaned?

Bacteria that hasn’t been removed through at home brushing and flossing may cause future complications to your dental health.

Brushing and flossing is important to a healthy smile, however there are hard to reach areas that are best cleaned by your dental professionals. It’s these areas of your mouth that we’re concerned with. Bacteria that hasn’t been properly treated can spell bad news for any patient. Plus, who wouldn’t want a great looking smile, brighter looking teeth and fresh breath?

Not every cleaning is created equal. Sometimes, especially when seeing a patient with an active gum disease, dental hygienist spends time every few months cleaning deep pockets around teeth.

As gums heal up and the amount of deposits decreases and patient is brought every 6 months for regular maintenance. Sometimes the condition is severe enough that requires surgery to access all the deep areas around the roots.

This procedure is done by a gum specialist (otherwise known as a Periodontist), at Access Dental we have a periodontist on our team to help provide treatment for your gums.


Getting your teeth cleaned has many benefits. Some are obvious, others aren’t. Below is a list of the ones we find most important:

  • It helps keep your smile brighter – coffee, tea, wine, sodas and tobacco are notorious for staining your pearly whites.
  • We may detect dental problems earlier – dental problems become extensive and costly if they worsen.
  • Gum and bone disease is interrupted – Your gums will thank us later.
  • Improve your overall health – Adults age 60 and over have lost ALL their teeth due to dental issues.
  • Detect oral cancer early – oral cancer is on the rise.
  • Say goodbye to bad breath – Teeth cleanings help us keep your gums as healthy as possible.
Oral Hygiene & Teeth Cleaning, Grande Prairie Dentist

Research has shown that your dental health connected to your overall health.

Grande Prairie dentist Dr. Nonkovic is here to help with professional teeth cleanings.

Our goal is to keep any and all bacteria at bay and a teeth cleaning can help with this. In addition to Grande Prairie, we also serve the surrounding communities of Clairmont, Wedgewood, Wembley, Sexsmith and beyond.

When it comes to teeth cleaning, Access Dental in Grande Prairie offers the services you need for your best oral health.

Visit our dentists and team in Grande Prairie and start seeing results today!

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  • Flossing can help remove food particles and other substances that can be missed with brushing alone. I recommend my patients floss at least once a day, along with regular brushing at least twice a day.
    - Dr. Perica Nonkovic