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Oral Surgery

  • Tooth Extractions

    Access Dental provides a full range of extraction options from a simple single tooth to wisdom teeth removal. Removing Damaged Teeth The removal of a tooth (known as an extraction), is sometimes the only option that’s possible when faced with a badly decayed tooth. When we can, we try to salvage a tooth with a filling, crown, or other restorative treatment, but in times when the tooth is in such bad condition that it can’t be repa...
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  • Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Our team at Access Dental is proud to offer wisdom teeth removal services to the Grande Prairie community. Your Wisdom Teeth We have all been there before when it comes to getting wisdom teeth removed. For those lucky few that have never had to have the procedure, way to go! For those of us who haven’t been as lucky, we’re all familiar with the feeling of wisdom teeth emerging through the gums. What are Wisdom Teeth? Wisd...
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  • Flossing can help remove food particles and other substances that can be missed with brushing alone. I recommend my patients floss at least once a day, along with regular brushing at least twice a day.
    - Dr. Perica Nonkovic