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Restorative Dental Care

  • Amalgam-Free Fillings

    Access Dental in Grande Prairie offers tooth-coloured dental fillings to help repair decayed teeth. Filling Materials Metal or amalgam fillings are often referred to as the “ugly duckling” solution to straightforward dental issues. But thankfully, advancements in restorative dentistry have provided the option of amalgam-free fillings, crowns, and bridges! At Access Dental, we offer our patients composite resins or porcelain fillings....
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  • Dental Bridges

    Dr. Perica Nonkovic offers dental bridges to his Grande Prairie patients who have missing teeth and are looking to maintain the structure of their smile. The Solution To Replace Missing Teeth There are times when a damaged tooth cannot be saved. Sometimes infection destroys the root structure and other times decay or damage results in a dead or lost tooth. Once the tooth is missing, you’ll need something to “bridge” the gap between t...
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  • Dental Crowns

    At Access Dental in Grande Prairie, we can offer you suitable dental crowns to help cover your damaged teeth. Restoring Damaged Teeth Are you embarrassed by your smile? Do your teeth show signs of severe decay, cracking, or extreme wear? Access Dental offers affordable treatments that can help. By covering damaged or weakened teeth with dental crowns, your dentist can restore your smile and its proper function. Once the “cap” is p...
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  • Dental Implants

    Dental implants are designed to provide cosmetic benefits as well. They replicate the appearance and feel of natural teeth and are frequently fabricated from titanium material. Replacing Missing Teeth Missing teeth can be uncomfortable, unsightly, and also lead to a number of oral and general health issues. For many years, the only solution for this included bridges and dentures. Today, with advanced dentistry, one of the...
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  • Full-Mouth Restorations

    At Access Dental, by using restorative and cosmetic procedures, we can restore your mouth to a healthy state. Restoring Your Smile Are you embarrassed about your smile? Have your teeth become worn, weak, discoloured, or chipped? Are some of your teeth missing altogether? We can help! When you feel good about your smile, it can impact your entire life. You can gain back your confidence, leave a positive impression, and actually smi...
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  • Root Canal Therapy

    At Access Dental, we treat a damaged tooth with root canal therapy which can restore the function of the tooth and relieve any associated pain. Treating Tooth Infection Do you have a tooth infection? If so, that infection can end up causing a great deal of damage to the structure of your tooth and can also impact your entire well-being if left ignored. All teeth have root canals that are filled with blood vessels, a pulp (the i...
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  • We highly recommend limiting consumption of alcohol, soda & coffee to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
    - The Access Dental Team