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Healthy Countdown to Christmas

Healthy countdown to Christmas, Grande Prairie Dentist

The holiday season is already filled with irresistible treats and countless sweets. The last thing you want to do is add MORE sugar to the list with advent calendars for your kids. At Access Dental, we are encouraging you to try a healthy alternative for your child this season. Let’s skip the sugar and engage with your children instead. (Their oral health will thank you!)

Here are a list of things to do with your children this holiday season:

Holiday Movies: start a Christmas countdown list of your favourite holiday movies together. Plan a night of the week for holiday movies and star them on the calendar to give the kids something to look forward to!

Ice Skating: a seasonal and fun holiday activity to get your family moving about! Plan the night out and countdown to it each day.

Tour Christmas Lights: go for a walk or drive around your neighbourhood and check out the holiday decor. Rank your favourite homes based on creativity together! You can plan the route, splitting up the streets in your neighbourhood on the calendar.

Celebrating the holidays can still be joyous without the added sugar and candy. You don’t have to eliminate treats with your kids completely, but look for other fun ways for them to get excited without making sugar the focus.

Sugar is the biggest contributor to gum disease! This disease is largely preventable and we want to help. Be sure to bring them in to Access Dental to check in on their oral health. Contact us for your family’s dental care in Grande Prairie. We are happy to help keep everyone healthy this holiday season.

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