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3 Achievable New Year's Eve Resolutions for Your Teeth

Achievable New Year's Eve Resolutions, Grande Prairie Dentist

As the last few weeks of 2019 tick by, you’re probably checking in on New Year’s resolutions passed and trying to come up with new ones for 2020. Was your goal to pay back debt or lose weight? Was it to make more time of yourself? We often make New Year’s resolutions that are quite challenging to achieve. Don’t feel guilt over missing a milestone when the bar was too high. Achieve more measurable goals for 2020. Here are three easily reached New Year’s resolutions that you can start on day one.

1. Replace Your Toothbrush

Plaque constantly plaguing your teeth? Do you feel like your oral care routine is strong and wonder why you still have a layer of plaque on your teeth?

The answer may lie in your old toothbrush. Most dentists recommend getting a new toothbrush every three to four months. When the bristles fray, that’s your sign to replace your toothbrush. Not replacing your toothbrush can worsen dental issues and hygiene concerns.

2. Drink More Water

Most of the body is made up of water, and you need an average of eight cups of water per day. Most people don’t drink enough water, and that results in more health issues, such as dehydration.

When you drink an adequate amount of water, the glands in your mouth produce more saliva which is the first step in breaking down food particles and cleaning your teeth and gums. Saliva consists of 99% of water and washes your teeth with calcium, fluoride and phosphate.

Drink more water to benefit your oral and overall health this year. Don’t make coffee first thing in the morning. Instead, pour yourself a tall glass of water.

3. Notice and Prevent Tooth-Harming Habits

No, we’re not talking about overhauling your entire diet or quitting tobacco cold turkey. Often, it is the little habits we don’t notice that add up to harming our teeth, and thus, our overall health.

Start with mindfully noticing what you do with and to your teeth without judgment. Do you play sports without a mouth guard? Do you gnaw at items you can’t easily open with your teeth? Chew on your eraser or on a hangnail? Make a list and then start with small steps of prevention, checking off one item at a time.

See? Oral health care doesn’t have to be intimidating, just as New Year’s resolutions don’t have to leave you feeling unaccomplished at the end of the year. Start with these three achievable New Year’s resolutions and improve your oral health care.

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